The SuperApp To SuperCharge Your Business

Using the new DiiD SuperApp, in as little as 30 minutes you can now create your own custom microapp, called a DiiD, for iOS and Android which your customers can capture in as little as One Second. Our easy-to-use tools enable you to add any content and even send push notifications to your target audience. With DiiDs, you directly own your customer relationships. Users simply scan a QR Code or tap on a link and the DiiD SuperApp instantly installs your microapp on their device.

Ease of Use

You can easily create your own DiiD microapp or, for a small fee, we can do it for you. Use our simple drag and drop tools and just add your content, text, links, graphics, media, menus, check-ins, orders, forms, payments and more. There’s no programming required. With one click, you just publish your DiiD.

Instant Utility

You don't lose customers as there are no forms, accounts or complicated sign ups to get started. Your customers can go from tapping a link or scanning a QR code to using your DiiD microapp in just seconds.

Greater Visibility

On social media and email, your messaging is mixed in with competing information, like posts, ads and spam. However, your DiiD contains only your content, with nothing to dilute your message. Plus, unlike social media, you own the customer relationship.

Perfect Timing

Need to promote something and notify your customers? With social media, it is impossible to send push notifications. With your DiiD you can - allowing your customers to act instantly.

Higher Engagement

Inform, promote, cross-sell, upsell and create lasting relationships with your DiiD every day. Unlike email, social media and websites, DiiDs can drive better engagement and advocacy since they can be easily used and shared between your customers, fueling new customer installs with just a single tap.

Better Value - Faster ROI

DiiDs give you many of the benefits of an app, with greater visibility but without the tremendous investment of time, effort and money. If you can create a word document, then you have all the skills necessary to make a DiiD. And with affordable monthly payment tiers, there’s a DiiD to fit all budgets.

Customer Journey

1. One Tap Access To Your Content

Your brand can be placed anywhere. Your target audience instantly captures your DiiD by tapping a link or scanning a QR Code, on social media, your website, in emails and messages.

Your QR can also be placed in store, on products, billboard and magazine ads, business cards etc.

Users simply scan your QR or tap your link to see your content.

2. Immediate Value

With DiiD, your customers have all your company or brand information in one place in their pocket and can immediately find what they are looking for.

In a restaurant it could be the menu, in a hotel the spa or in-room services menu or bar-restaurant opening times. Or it could be all the important information about your brand, your business or your latest offers.

There’s no need to dig through complicated websites or fill out any forms. What matters is right there in one place.

3. Happy Customers

Because users find DiiDs useful, they keep coming back for more. They know they always see timely and actionable content they are interested in.

DiiD is the ideal place for you to display your products and services.

Create interactive experiences. Categorize your content in screens for easy access. Embed videos, maps, music and forms. Add menus, check-in, contact information, pre-orders, payments and donations.

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Everyone Deserves a Good DiiD


Replace in-room hotel guest directories with a DiiD that has all the important hotel information a single tap away.

Room service, spa, restaurant and drinks menus, Wi-Fi codes that can change daily, Concierge Services, Maps, links to gift shop and other in-house retailers.

Even a city guidebook in DiiD format that has special offers for your guests, car service links to take them to any location, concierge contacts, emergency numbers, and so much more.

Push notifications keep your your guests connected even after they leave, enticing them to visit again by sending special offers.


Create dazzling interactive menus that reflect your identity, and not just look like a cookie cutter template every other restaurant has.

Your menus have the added benefit that your customer will leave your establishment with the menu still on their device.

Use your DiiD to highlight new and exclusive menus and offers, RSVP events, and send push notifications to keep customers coming back.

Add features like reservation bookings to any service you offer, takeaway orders, special recipe DiiDs, or even a link to book a car service to bring customers directly to your door.

  Artists & Sport

Allow fans to capture DiiDs dedicated to music bands or solo artists, a sports team or Club, or an individual athlete. Embed exclusive media, create VIP experiences, sell access to merchandise, a fan club, collect donations, or accept tips.

Include important event dates, coordinate all your important links to music and social media.


Use a DiiD to directly connect to your entire candidate base and provide live updates on all new job vacancies as they arise.

This creates a massive competitive advantage over those recruiters which only use traditional communication channels.


Connect to donors easier and quicker, by reducing the friction needed to connect to your charity by creating QR Codes and links that allow donors to capture your DiiD in a second, and process a donation in as little as 10 seconds. You can even use your DiiD to create regular donations via subscription.

Eliminate the stress and cost of street fundraisers, by providing with a simple QR Code that can just be scanned and let people get on their way without any clipboards or forms to fill.

Charitable DiiDs keep donors up to date on events and can be used to entice people who would not normally sign up to support your charity. Best of all, if you have a critical need for funds or volunteers, you can simple send out a push notification for help.


DiiD reduces the usage of printed material. You don’t need to print any more catalogues, menus, forms or leaflets, as you can do everything via DiiD. This is environmentally friendly and saves time and money, as you don’t have to reprint your catalogues for every change you want to make.

We promote the respective destination along with all the necessary information for the users of the DiiD app. This way travellers feel more engaged in visiting a local business because they know beforehand what the location offers and they become eager to get to know it. At the same time, this practice enhances local economies by showcasing products and attractions, and connects travellers to them.

We enable hoteliers to promote their green philosophy in addition to the services they offer. Promoting green policies enables hotels to acquire more sustainably aware and quality visitors who appreciate our hotels’ best practices and values, and who are interested in engaging with the destination in a more authentic way.

We have partnered with Ecotourism Greece to develop our green practices and to promote local destinations in a more sustainable manner.


Whether you are a school, college or university, use a DiiD to keep pupils, students and parents updated on their activities, provide health and safety and admissions information, a virtual tour, staff contact details and give details of term timetables and forthcoming curricular events...